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Fighting Off the Green-Eyed Monster

Courtesy of flickr through a Creative Commons license,
Courtesy of  flickr through a Creative Commons license

I’m SO envious of people who have the time to blog regularly, especially since I would LOVE to make blogging my full time job.  I have the motivation but just can’t seem to find the rhythm I need to make sitting down to blog, and do all the attendant activities to make my blog successful.  How do people DO that?  I know part of my problem is that I have a full time job, so blogging is relegated to the back burner for me.  I want to bring it to the FRONT burner, though, which means I have to devote more time to it.  Enter in “real” life, and all the myriad things that I’m responsible for or have to do each day, and geez…..I gotta sleep SOME time, right?

So, tell me… do you find the time to blog?  And not only write an actual post, but do the research, draft, promotion, and connecting with readers, too?  Any tips for the extremely busy person?  (I’m sure I’m not the ONLY one who has this problem!)

On another note, HAPPY WEDNESDAY…..we’re halfway through the week!

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