This is Me…


This is me.  A daughter, a wife, a mom, a friend.  The roles in my life are sometimes at odds with each other.  Isn’t that what makes life interesting?

I’m creative, but a dreamer.  Not detail-oriented enough to pay attention to the little things that come together to make a plan.

I’m easily obsessed.  Current obsessions include filofaxes, coffee, Amazon, eBay, Pinterest, pallets, and coffee.  Did I mention coffee?  These are subject to change at any moment, so hold on tight.

I live in Texas, where everything is bigger (except for my paycheck!), with my understanding and patient hubby (he might read this, so I have to say good things…..ha!  Kidding, honey, I love you!), a dog, and a mortgage.

Don’t be shy, leave a comment!  I promise I won’t bite….unless you’re really in to that sort of thing.  😉

I’d love to hear from you, so use the contact page.  I promise I’ll read your email…..unless it’s spam.

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