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All Roads Lead to Texas…..

And especially Houston, apparently!  Here are a couple of articles I recently read on Texas Monthly’s site:

Houston’s Very Own “Bean”  and Houston High Schooler Accepted to TWENTY Top Schools.  (How cool is that guy?  Amazing!!  I bet his parents are proud!)


And hey, when in Texas, do as the Texans do:  Top 50 Texas BBQ Joints (according to Texas Monthly, anyway.)  ENJOY!

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Dallas, A Shopper’s Delight

I’m a shopper….and I love it.  I love looking at pretty things, even ones I can’t afford, from cars to jewelry to shoes.  I love the stores, the lights, the clearance racks, finding a great bargain, checking out a new place and being pleasantly surprised.  I love the sense of many possibilities I get when I walk in to a store.  Is that PERFECT pair of jeans or handbag or sweater waiting for me in here?  I shop secondhand a lot too, which I think justifies the occasional retail purchase.  Right?  (Wink!)

I ran across this blog on D Magazine’s website, full of tips on what’s happening for the “shop till you drop” crowd.  Suffice to say, I know where I’ll be Friday night….mapping out my must-see shopping destinations for the weekend!

And looking for my comfy shoes.  🙂


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Conversations With My Mom


My mom was diagnosed with dementia some time back and she has been in steady decline ever since.  Luckily, her sense of humor is still intact.  Today, while driving home from her house to mine, we had a few laughs.  She has a penchant for casinos, she loves the lights and sounds the slot machines make, the atmosphere, the coins (back in the old days of slots, before the current paper chits you get!) dropping when you get three in a row.  We take I-35 north to Dallas and at one point cross under I-20, which goes to Shreveport, LA.  A few years ago, my mom took frequent bus trips to Shreveport for some casino fun.  She always has something to say when we pass the sign.  Today it was this:  “You missed the exit!”  Me:  “Why, ’cause that’s the way to Shreveport?”  Her:  “Yes!”  HA!!!

At one point, I heave a sigh and she looked at me and asked if I was tired.  She doesn’t like to drive, never has, so any sort of driving wears her out and she thinks it does everyone else, too.  I told her no, I was just bored.  She said, “I can sing….” and I said, “I’m not THAT bored!”  She laughed and said, “Well, fine, then!”  It was funny if you know us, I guess, but it’s the little things like that that always make me smile at random moments.  The moments that I hope I’ll remember forever after she’s gone, and that I’m writing about here as a way of making sure I do.

While I notice the small changes in her, I’m grateful that she’s still herself, so far, and I’m dreading the not-distant future when that will no longer be true.  I love her so much…’s hard for me to watch this happen to her.  I hope that I’m making the sunset of her life as filled with joy, love and laughter as I can.


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My Bucket List

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about where I am in my life right now, and where I want to be when I’m 80; what experiences will I want to have had when I’m older?  This morning I decided to enumerate them, mostly to solidify my goals in my mind, but also to remind myself to have a little fun once in a while!

So, this is what I’ve come up with so far, my “bucket list:”

1.  Travel – Scotland, England, Greece, Australia, Hong Kong, London, Alaska, Dubai, Russia

2.  Buy a RV so I can cross the country in it.  Stop when I want, go when I want.  🙂

3.  Take a military hop to Europe.

4.  Sky dive

5.  Bungee jump

6.  Ride in a hot air balloon

7.  Write an article for a travel mag or blog

8.  Learn photography

9.  Pan for gold

10.  Drive Route 66

11.  Take the train from Chicago to LA

That’s all I can think of at the moment….but I know there are LOTS more things I want to do.  What’s on your bucket list?  Do you have just one burning desire, or hundreds of things on your list?

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Word of the Week, 15 May 2012

Welcome to our latest Word of the Week!

I have the app on my phone, and it gives me a “word of the day” every day.  Sometimes I use it and sometimes I don’t, but today’s was particularly fitting.  I’m guilty of this behavior myself….people look at me oddly sometimes.  Whenever that happens, I just tell myself I’m “occasionally callous and strange.”  (Thanks, Joss!)

So anyway…on to our Word!  The Word of the Week is altiloquent.  It means, (a) (Archaic, of language) high-flown or pretentious.  Simple enough, right?  As in, “Many attorneys use altiloquent speech.”  (no offense to any attorneys!)

As always, many thanks to for today’s Word.