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Cocoa’s Last Day

I’m reblogging this from A Day In The Life of Lunchy.  It’s SO heartwarming to see good, caring people out there.  It restores my faith in humanity.  Thanks to God that Cocoa got to spend her final days with someone who loved and cared for her, like every living being should.

An Open Letter to Jean

RIP, sweet Cocoa!  I’m sure your spirit is shining brightly in Heaven.

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I’m Finally FREE!

It’s taken me quite some time to get to this place in life, and I mostly like the person I am.  Sure, I have my moments, things get me down sometimes.  Who doesn’t?  Life is like that, I guess.  Hard work, sweat, tears, blood.  It hasn’t been all bad, of course.  But when things were down….they were REALLY down.

I had an epiphany about a week ago, and then I saw this pic on Facebook.  It was like a flashbulb went off in my head.  OMGosh….really?

Boy have they got THAT right!

All this time I felt guilty, like I was the one that was wrong, or that something was wrong with me.  I thought if I only lost weight, didn’t express an opinion, agreed with everything, they’d love me, finally.  But nothing I do, or say, or think can make the people who’ve been bullying me my whole life less poisonous.  They are who they are because of their own past, the events and people that shaped them.  It’s NOT my fault, and I’m NOT going to take the blame any longer.

I’m done apologizing for being me.  I’m done letting the judgments hurt me or make me feel unworthy.  I’m done worrying about what people think.  From now on, I’m gonna do what I want to do, and to heck with the rest.  It’s MY life, right?  I wasn’t put here to make anyone but ME happy!

Like my mom always says, “I’m ok, it’s the REST of the world that’s wrong!”  Amen, momma!

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Don’t Feed the Trolls!

You know what?  I’m VERY newly in the blogging game, but haters lurk everywhere, out here in the “real” world, on social networks, on blogs, at Walmart, everywhere.  I’m printing this excellent reminder and taping it up on my wall where I can see it every day.  Carry on!  (MUCH thanks to Karen Gunter of build a little biz, who got it from Inspiring Mums.  There’s also a version with blank bubbles so you can fill in your own words!)


I also read Chris McCombs’ blog post and wow….what a timely message for me, especially after this week.  “How to Get More Haters” put a new spin on the scourge of the interwebs and gave me a little perspective in my non-cyber life, too.

Have a GREAT, AWESOME, LOVELY weekend, y’all!  (And how do you like my new “signature” graphic?)

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Nasher Sculpture Center and Museum Tower STILL Duking It Out

I can’t believe this has gone on this long.  Come to a solution already, Nasher!

Interior of the Nasher Sculpture Center, you can see the oculi system over head. Photo courtesy of Andreas Praefcke, CC License

On the one hand, I get what the Nasher is upset about….yeah, it was pretty crappy of the designers to double the height of Museum Tower without advising the Nasher.  Originally, the building was designed to be 21 stories tall, with glass that would have reflected on downtown Dallas but not the extent that the glass the developers ultimately went with does.  What’s done is done, though, so the Nasher needs to move on and compromise on a solution with Museum Tower.  They’ve played the put-upon victim long enough.

On the other hand, the Nasher’s state of the art “oculi” system that shades the interior of the museum from the glare of the Texas sun was engineered to very exacting specifications…..albeit BEFORE the Museum Tower was built, and which didn’t take in to consideration the glare from a 42-story skyscraper next door.  The system is now obsolete, given Museum Tower’s glare in to the Museum’s galleries and the sculpture garden on its grounds.

Still, Museum Tower has offered to pay for the Nasher to retrofit the oculi system in order to mitigate the glare.  TWICE.  The Nasher says it’s not a viable option.  Why?  Why can’t they at least consult their engineers and the manufacturer of the system to find out what that project would entail and take that information back to Museum Tower?  This constant back and forth, when at least part of a solution has been offered puts the Nasher in a bad light (pun intended!)  Not only has Museum Tower offered to pay for the retrofit, they’ve even paid for the engineers to study the problem and come up with how the oculi system can be fixed!

Museum Tower, photo courtesy of tobysx70 on Flickr, CC License
Museum Tower, photo courtesy of tobysx70 on Flickr, CC License

I have yet to visit the Nasher, though I’ve been wanting to go for some time.  Until this issue is resolved…….it looks like I’ll have to make my visit at night.

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USPS Rant of the Day

You know how the USPS is constantly complaining about being broke?  I’m beginning to wonder what kind of colossal mismanagement is causing this budget shortfall every year, especially in light of what happened to me today!

I went to the Post Office at lunch to mail two envelopes and buy stamps.  Not wanting to wait in the long line, I stepped up to the Automated Postal Center machine to weigh my mail and buy postage.  I put the first envelope on the scale and the machine told me the postage would be $.66…..great!  But WAIT….the minimum purchase is $1.00….and the machine would not give me an option to tell it that I was not only going to weigh more mail….but also buy stamps, thereby meeting the minimum purchase requirement!  My ONLY option was to buy a $.46 stamp in addition to the $.66 stamp I needed for my mail…..then proceed to buy another $.66 stamp for my other envelope AND $9.20 worth of Forever stamps.  Hmmmmm, and in case you didn’t catch it… what universe does $.66 + $.46 = $1.00?  Apparently it does in the USPS-verse.

So……not only can the USPS not balance a budget….but they can’t do basic MATH, either.  Sigh!

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Freecycle Nutjobs…

I’ve been a member of my area Freecycle groups since moving here a few years ago…and for the most part it’s been great.  I’ve helped others with things they needed and others have helped me, too.  Isn’t that the spirit of Freecycle?  One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, right?

I’ve noticed a disturbing (well, to ME, anyway) trend over the last couple of years, though.  Freecyclers are generous folk for the most part, but of course, there’s always that one friend in the bunch who ruins it for everyone.

An ad offering an old set of encyclopedia was posted in one of the groups I belong to this morning, and since I’ve been looking for some old books…dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopedia, etc. to make some home decor and other items out of, I jumped on the chance to get them for free.  I replied to the ad and to my delight the giver answered that I could pick them up that afternoon.  Here comes the kicker!  Her husband wanted to know whether I was going to use them for looking up stuff (an 80’s-era set of encyclopedia?  Really?  You have HEARD of Google, right?) or for craft projects!  I actually contemplated, for about 1.6 seconds, lying and saying I was going to use them to decorate my new law office, but alas (!) I was honest and said that yes, I would be using them for craft projects.

This leads me to my rant.  What DIFFERENCE does it make to the person who just wants to get rid of unwanted/needed “stuff” what that stuff is will be used for?  Short of illegal activities, of course, but then again…..once it leaves your porch, it’s not like you have control over what someone else does with it!  Why do people think they have the right to dictate to the person picking up their (need I say this AGAIN!) UNwanted/needed stuff what that person can or can’t do with it.  Once they’ve given it away, it belongs to the person they gave it to, to do with as that person pleases!

This trend is leading me to think it might be time to leave Freecycle and it’s nutcase OCD power-hungry group members for a kinder, gentler manner of helping out your neighbor…and the landfill.  I have a Facebook group for Garage and Yard Sales in my area, so I think I will be expanding the group focus to include “Freecycle” style offerings, too.

What do y’all think?  Do you belong to Freecycle in your area?  Like it?  Hate it?  Why?


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Dear Prudie

I’ve mentioned how much I like Dear Prudie’s column many times.  This recent letter could be my life, so I decided to post it here.  Original column is here.

Dear Prudence,
I work at a talent agency as an assistant. The entertainment industry is notoriously hard to break into and the agency world can be ruthless. The line between business and personal is often blurry. Recently my boss took a phone call with one of her friends, Sadie, a development executive. Assistants normally listen in on calls in case their boss discusses a meeting that needs to be set or a script that needs to be sent. This time the subject of discussion was one of my assistant friends, Jeremy, who is up for a job that he really wants at Sadie’s company. Sadie said that Jeremy’s boss went behind Jeremy’s back and gave him a terrible reference. Jeremy is an amazing assistant, and his boss—who is conniving—said he supported Jeremy’s desire to move to a higher-level job. But it turns out Jeremy’s boss is sabotaging Jeremy to keep him longer. Do I tell Jeremy that he needs to watch his back? If I do, I reveal information I heard on a personal phone call. If I don’t, Jeremy might keep losing out on great jobs and not know why.

—An Assistant

Dear Assistant,
For a primer in what to expect, anyone who wants to break into Hollywood as the underling to a powerful person should watch both HBO’s Entourage and the movie Swimming With Sharks, in which an assistant is abused by evil entertainment executive Kevin Spacey. Jeremy’s boss is perfectly following the script of the narcissistic manipulator for whom other people are merely a figment of CGI. Thus I assume Jeremy’s boss is very successful in Hollywood. Jeremy’s own chances, however, are being trashed by having hooked up with this jerk. Since you came upon this information in the course of your work, weigh the kind of relationship you have with your own boss, and whether she’d be open to hearing your dilemma regarding Jeremy. If you feel comfortable, then ask her if there’s a good way to warn Jeremy that his job search is being subverted without your revealing where you got the intelligence. If she tells you it’s all confidential, you cannot divulge to Jeremy the conversation with Sadie. But you could invite Jeremy over for pizza and a viewing of Sunset Boulevard. When Gloria Swanson shoots William Holden in the back for daring to leave her, you might want to turn to Jeremy and say that’s a Hollywood story that still gets played out figuratively to this day.


I mean, do people really DO this?  What happened to common decency and wanting to help your fellow person?  In case you were wondering, yes….this is my cynical voice.  😉

In other news, how do you like my awesome new theme?  I can’t believe a theme this feature rich is available for FREE on the theme showcase.  It looks like a premium theme, doesn’t it?  Also has a BUNCH of available widgets, post formats, built in links to social media, page options, and custom colors.  Pretty cool!